How to Order



  • All inquiries will be answered within 48 hours.
  • All quotation sheets should be detailed with good pictures.
  • All information for customers will be exact and precise.
  • All samples must be nice and well packed, also with label description.
  • All goods will be delivered within a greed date.      

Custom orders cancellations or changes

Each bedding set is made to order. To make it possible to provide a variety of international sizes, each order, because of its unique color combination and measurements, is a custom order and not ready made. Once you have placed your order, the product will be cut and sewn according to your personal specifications.

We will process customized products 24 hrs after receiving your order. Therefore, cancellations or modifications are only possible within those first 24 hrs by notifying us at We cannot accept any changes or cancellations after this time frame, because we will have already put your order into the process.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Department at for any inquiries, concerns or advice before placing an order. We'll give you a prompt response and help you to find the best solution to fit your specific needs.


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