Chinese Porcelain Decorative Patterns - San duo│"The Three Abundances"

The Buddha's Hand Citron, peach and pomegranate together form the Three Abundances (sanduo), symbols of blessing, long life and many sons. The Chinese for Buddha's Hand Citron (foshou) is the homophone for 'blessing' (fu) and 'longevity' (shou) together. The peach has long been associated with Shoulao, the God of Longevity. The idea conveyed in the sanduo design is a blessing of long life and prosperity with many generations of descendants to follow.

This auspicious theme occurs in underglaze blue and white and on wares with overglaze famille rose fen cai enamel decorations during the Qing dynasty. The san duo theme is also found in wucai or Red and Green on the lower third of many 'Gu' trumpet shaped beaker vases of the Late Ming and Transitional period during the mid 17th century. Vases of this type were offered to the emperor and convey a wish of happiness for the emperor who is to enjoy a long reign and remain forever youthful.

Although both the peach and sanduo designs are based on Yongzheng prototypes, they became especially popular during the Qianlong period.

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