Chinese Porcelain Decorative Patterns -- Eight Auspicious Symbols│Bajixiang 八吉祥

The ‘Eight Auspicious Symbols’ (bajixiang 八吉祥) is a decorative pattern consisting of eight treasures, namely,the wheel, the conch, the parasol, the victory banner, the lotus, the vase, the two fish, and the endless knot. It was introduced to China with Tibetan Buddhism. From the Tang and Song dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Eight Auspicious Patterns were given new connotations and developed into folk auspicious patterns.

  • The wheel symbolizes the turning wheel of Buddhist doctrine that leads to perfection.

  • The conch symbolizes the far-reaching sound of the Buddhist teaching.

  • The parasol symbolizes protection as well as spiritual power.

  • The victory banner symbolizes the victory of the Buddhist teaching.

  • The lotus symbolizes purity.

  • The vase symbolizes the elixir of life.

  • The two fish symbolize freedom from restraint.

  • The endless knot symbolizes infinite wisdom.

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