Personalization & Custom

We are specialized in Chinese Royal Porcelian Vase, Dishes, Bowls, reproduced from Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty (Kang Xi Emperor, Qian Long Emperor), which are on display at famous musuems worldwide. 

Embedding Families and Organizations Names

As porcelain antiques may be inherited for thousands years. We may embed  your famiies names inside or on the bottom as Chinese Royal Families  (Emperors) did, to record the honors of your families and organizations and pass to generations and generations.

All custom messages painted by colorful minerals, glazed above letters or graph, and fired up to 800 -1320C.


Over 5000-year history of China, tens of thousands of royal masterpieces, our catalogue lists some of them. If you are looking for a specific historical royal masterpiece, please tell us information as below: name, dynasty or year range, photos.

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