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Chinese Qing Dynasty Alum-red Ground Long Necked Vase with Gilt-decorated Three Lions

Chinese Qing Dynasty Alum-red Ground Long Necked Vase with Gilt-decorated Three Lions


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Qing Dynasty QianLong emperor (1736-1795) official kiln porcelain vase replica. Our replicas of Chinese royal porcelains are handcrafted with the same techniques and materials as the original antiques, and are perfect decors for your offices, homes, hotels, and elevate your space with royal elegance.

• History of Original: Royal Palace of Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)
• Application Scenarios:
* Family living room/study room/guest room, executive offices, luxurious hotels, meeting rooms, grand halls of buildings, etc.
* Families heritage, weddings, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, businesses heritage.
• Dimensions: Height: 12 in. (31cm)
• Time of Reproduction: The 2020s

*** Each masterpiece is handcrafted by folk artists and craft men, there is a little difference among the original one and replica.

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About the Item


One of the varieties of glazed porcelain. It was popular during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. It is on the fired white porcelain, depicted with alum red color decoration, into the kiln by 900 ℃ oxidation atmosphere in low temperature baking into white glaze alum red porcelain, and then in the alum red color on the gold color, three times into the kiln baked. It was also made in the Qing Dynasty. From the color presented by the alum red color, with the different additives used, the red color on the alum red porcelain has gone through a process of change. The red color on the porcelain of the Ming Dynasty was mostly dry and vivid, while in the Qing Dynasty, artisans Hua used a large number of oily substances such as skin glue or rue oil to modulate the red color, and the red color after firing had a sense of oiliness and more vivid hues. With this gold in alum red color on the depiction of patterns and ornaments, is the finishing touch, looks more elegant and rich. Throughout the whole picture, the gold and red are intertwined, the brushwork is light and smooth, and the colors are golden and brilliant, giving off a new, simple and elegant, dynamic artistic effect.


• Function: Decorative crafts, Tabletop Vase, Perfect Gift.
• Materials & Techniques: Ceramic, Hand-Painted.
• Packaging: Box
• Place of Origin: Jingdezhen, China, the home to handcrafting royal porcelain for royal families worldwide.


Shipping and Lead Time

All items are handcrafted by folk artists and craftmen. It usually takes about 3 months to finish a product. We kindly suggest that you contact us before you place an order. Each order is carefully inspected and packaged before it leaves our warehouse to avoid damage during transit.

Lead Time: 105 calendar days after order confirmed and payment made.

Custom Order Only

Because of the nature of this category arts, we provide custom orders only.

Embedding Families or Organizations Names:
As porcelain antiques may be inherited for thousands years. We may embed your family or organization names inside or on the bottom as Chinese Royal Families (Emperors) did, to record the honors of your families and organizations and pass to generations and generations.

Please contact us by email.


We use DHL or Fedex by air. The tracking information will be sent to you when your order shipped.

Please inspect your package immediately upon arrival and report any damages/errors within 3 business days.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We check each piece of items before deliver to insure quality.

These handcrafted masterpieces are not allowed for return, except for quality issues, damage, or wrong items upon the receipt of items.

The returned/exchanged product must be in its original condition, unused and in its original packaging. Special order items cannot be returned.

As soon as you return your item to us and it's received into our system, we will expeditiously send a refund request to your bank. Please note that while the funds are instantly deducted from our account, some banks may take 5-7 business days to process and post these refunds to your account.

About “Gallbladder-Shaped Vase”

The shape of this vase took its name from its resemblance to a gall bladder. Straight mouth, slender neck, slender shoulders, tapering below the shoulders, and a fuller lower part of the belly. This decorative vessel type was usually used as a flower vase and was first fired in the Tang Dynasty to the middle and late Qing Dynasty. It was popular in the Song Dynasty, and is a classic of ceramic vessels. Because of its elegant and beautiful shape, it was sought after by all circles of the Song dynasty because it gave people a sense of infinite interest.

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